Within the perishable logistics industry, there are many on-going challenges that are necessary to combat.

The creation of food waste throughout the perishables supply chain is a main issue. There is also a lack of collaboration throughout the cold chain, with limited airlift capacity due to COVID-19, delays loading/offloading, incorrect documentation, and difficulties in temperature monitoring. These are all obstacles that are felt by all players involved the supply chain.

The main way to combat these problems is through increased visibility within the fragmentation that exists in perishable logistics. That is why Able Freight has created and utilized DataHub. It is imperative that we all use innovative technology, such as DataHub, in order to create a greater flow of information within the perishable logistics world.  



DataHub allows for an increased amount of reporting capabilities which includes a centralized location for communication on various platforms for a variety of documents.  You have access to AWB, the BOL, Invoices, Quality Control (QC Reports), Proof of Delivery and other important documents, ready at your fingertips. It is also easy to download QC Reports,  loading pictures, and air way bill documents by clicking on the PDF icon under QC & Docs all within the dashboard of the application.  


We believe in an open platform, easy integrations, and data collaboration. This also includes professional and instant communication and reports on the shipment level, paperless operations and cloud-based document center. With all of these features, DataHub is the centralized location of a plethora of documents allowing for increased communication and reporting capabilities. This will help reduce the amount and severity of the challenges faced by all players throughout the cold chain industry.