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Getting your perishables to market faster and fresher



Today importers of perishable commodities face rigorous challenges. They require a cold storage handler that offers the following:

  • Verifiable history of success with specific perishable commodities
  • Ability to handle high volume and react to sudden changes
  • Clear and concise client communication
  • Maintain the cold chain from departure to arrival
  • Strict quality assurance systems

What separates Able Freight from most other cold storage facilities?

The account management staff alone at Able Freight has over half a century of experience specifically in handling perishable foodstuffs.

Every client is assigned a dedicated import specialist. They work with their team to ensure that all of your pre-established, key criteria are met. In this way your company can enjoy the benefits of a program that has been specifically customized to your needs.

Able Freight is one of the only cold storage providers that utilizes a total quality management (TQM) system. This allows us to establish very high standards and consistently measure performance.  Our standards include:

  • Redundant communication with your trucker, receiving agent, delivery personnel and ultimate consignee
  • Tracking of on-time deliveries with a goal of 100%
  • Inventory management standards
  • Cooling standards appropriate for your commodities

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Storage coolers vary based on products:

  • Seafood at 29° F
  • Tropical produce at 48° F
  • Frozen items at 0° F
  • Produce at 34° F

In addition we offer storage for multiple temp including ambient temperature storage. We can also provide short term ULD refrigerated container storage which includes monitoring dry ice levels and battery efficiency.

We provide numerous type of inspections for our clients. For example we have our own in-house quality inspectors, USDA mandated and USDA quality inspections and we are able to perform insurance mandated surveys on products which arrive in a distressed conditions. In addition we can arrange client specific inspections as necessary.

A-1 can provide door-to-door client specific deliveries from handling a single boxload to full containers. It is extremely critical that your handler is familiar with the delivery criteria to retailers. We are very familiar with the logistics required by most major retailers.

A-1 offers sorting, grading and repacking. These services are supervised by our quality inspectors and are a matter of daily routine. For this reason we can perform these functions immediately and on-demand 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

A-1 employs a “milestone-based” logistical software tracking system. This allows clients to receive immediate, real-time data at every stage of the logistical process. For example, clients receive a detailed receiving report within an hour of arrival, daily inventories, shipping confirmation of orders and other detailed information.

Typical Importer Challenges

Today most cold storage facilities are perceived as a holding zone for perishable products in transit. Few are fully integrated facilities that allow importers and exporters:

  • Management of inventory levels
  • Electronic inventory tracking
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24/7 operation
  • Pickup/deliver air shipments in minutes
  • Customs, FDA and USDA coordination

Able Freight is more than just a place to hold your freight. We act as an integrated partner by developing a customized product management program for our clients.

Typical Commodities Handled:

  • Produce
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Flowers
  • Sample Shipments
  • Pharmaceuticals

Join some of the largest and most demanding importers and exporters in the world and request a quote today!

Inventory Management

Ensuring your success means you have someone managing all the details.

  • Fresher product by shelf-life management
  • Simultaneous dispatch of multiple orders
  • Just-in-time delivery systems
  • Optimize turnaround time

Able Freight utilizes a just-in-time inventory management system. This ensures that your sensitive commodities are handled with care yet moved from arrival to destination with great speed. This is the result of our experienced staff and state-of the-art inventory management system shown below.