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KOLD KART™ Technology

How the KOLD KART™ works

Perishable containerized air cargo is delivered to an airline for shipping. After the perishable container shipments are officially weighed and checked in for a flight, they are immediately placed inside a Kold Kart™ dolly. The Kold Kart dolly is then moved onto the tarmac area and held until it is pulled by a tug to the outbound aircraft. The Kold Kart has a conveyor floor that permits container shipments to easily roll into and out of the dolly. For inbound shipments, the Kold Kart dolly meets arriving aircraft. Perishable containers are off-loaded from the aircraft directly into the Kold Kart dolly. The Kold Kart dolly is then pulled by a tug back to the cargo building. Cargo containers are held inside a Kold Kart dolly at any temperature requested until the customer recovers the shipment.

KOLD KART™ Advantages

Perishable air cargo shipments are exposed to extreme temperatures waiting to be loaded onto an aircraft. Delays on the tarmac can be in excess of four hours. During this standard delay, perishable shipments begin to heat up and losses occur. The Kold Kart prevents perishable cargo shipments from heating up before and after flight thereby reducing the risk involved in shipping perishable cargo by air. When the Kold Kart is used, perishable cargo shipments will arrive at their destination with higher product quality and a longer shelf life.

Keep it cold… Don’t break the cool chain.