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Demand for transparency within the cold chain process is as imperative as it is crucial for the quality and reliability of the high-value active ingredients in today’s drugs and medicines.

Abiding by Global GDP, Able Freight’s impact in the pharmaceutical industry begins with our expertise in handling cargo that requires a stable, temperature-controlled environment.

We utilize passive and active shipping solutions, such as Envirotainer, the world leader in air transportation solutions for pharmaceutical goods.    

Able Freight offers three separate temperature controlled environments for pharmaceutical products:
Chilled: +2°C / +8°C
Frozen: -18°C
CRT: +15°C / +25°C
As one of the most advanced temperature-controlled air cargo containers, Envirotainers are designed for the extreme requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
When it comes to temperature-sensitive cargo, Able Freight uses Envirotainers to protect your shipment.
Get more information at the Envirotainer website linked here.
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