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Ocean Freight
We specialize in handling perishable commodities imported and exported from the USA and Mexico to the rest of the world. Ocean freight shipping is an economical way to send cargo internationally. In fact, 90percent of the world’s goods are transported by ocean.
Our connection with top international ocean carriers exists to ensure your ability to transport freight internationally.
Ocean shipping offers the most competitive freight costs to long-distance shippers over other methods. Ocean shipping is regularly 4 -6 times less expensive than air.
Compared to air, train, or truck transportation, container ships provide the smallest carbon footprint per ton of cargo. This is becoming more true as modern vessels are built with strict emissions standards. (source link)
Ocean containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation to ensure in-transit security. Modern cargo ships are designed to carry heavy and even hazardous materials safely, with many regulations to ensure the safety of cargo, crew, and the environment.
Sea shipments can accommodate any size. Small shipments can be grouped with other cargo and cost-sharing options known as LCL (less than container load).

Large shipments can fill as many containers as needed, offering unique bulk options. Full container loads (FCL) are available in 20ft or 40ft containers.
Refrigerated Containers
Able Freight uses refrigerated containers, called “reefers,” to ensure cold storage on long journeys. Each container has its refrigeration unit allowing you to set your own temperature and move perishable goods all over the world, any time of year.
For more information, check the specs of the Ocean Box 20’, 40’, and high cube (HC) refrigerated containers here: Ocean Box refrigerated containers
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