Technology and innovation as a strategic differentiator
Our technology and innovation (T&I) department are quick, client-oriented, and flexible to adapt a tailor-made solution to your needs and budget.
Strong Technology Portfolio
Our digital solutions increase the visibility and accountability of your cargo, providing valuable information you can use to reduce costs and ensure quality.
Specialist expertise in cold chain innovation
As experts in the field, we build our technology to solve our industry-specific problems.
Built on our existing technologies, we can tailor customizations for our clients. We treat this as an integral part of our freight forwarding service.
Our solutions can be made to fit your unique needs and budget.
True end-to-end visibility in real time.
Including warehousing, airfreight, ocean freight and temperature trackers (inbound and delivery trucks). DataHub, both web and mobile app, is at customers’ disposal and in use.
This video is also available in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hindi, and Spanish on our Youtube channel.
Optimize internal logistics flow, warehouse functionality and more
Get answers to your most pressing questions by employing your very own virtual assistant empowered by cold chain specific intelligence.
Hardware Technologies
KoldKart storage unit
Prevents perishable cargo shipments from heating before and after a flight, thereby reducing the risk of shipping perishable cargo by air. When the KoldKart is used, perishable cargo shipments will arrive at their destination with higher product quality and longer shelf life.
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