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We have many years of experience handling and transporting frozen seafood. We have established the necessary operating procedures to best serve your needs by importing from various locations worldwide and exporting to over 70 countries.

Ensuring the cold chain, per FDA guidelines and regulations, is imperative and our top priority. Like protein, poultry, and dairy, the spread of bacteria is unforgiving if the temperature of the seafood shipment exceeds 41°F (5 °C). Abiding by HACCP regulatory instructions when handling perishable commodities requires us to identify areas for mishaps to occur, whether during receiving, delivering, pulling, or storing, and create a plan of action in the event of temperature spikes.

With experience, we have proven solutions and operating procedures to handle your seafood shipments according to all the compliance and regulatory measures involved.
NOAA Fisheries Export Requirements
If exporting from the U.S., the NOAA Seafood Inspection Program certifies U.S. seafood products for export to any country requiring health certification. Able Freight can help you navigate requirements and certification processes.
Check the Seafood Export Requirements for specific Countries here and Jurisdictions here:
Countries A-F
Countries G-M
Contries N-Z
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