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Cold Storage and Warehousing
We can assure your cargo is stored at the correct temperature with nearly 100,000 square feet of cold storage between our seven facilities.
Fast Clearance
We are partners with the Cargo Screening K9 (CCSF-K9)Alliance to support our cargo screening operations, coinciding with the full implementation of TSA’s Third Party K9-Cargo (3PK9-C) initiative, creating smooth and fast security clearance.
Temperature checks of the cargo upon receiving and departure to ensure shipments are at appropriate and expected temperatures while present in our facilities. Before leaving our facilities, temperature recorders are placed within skid to access temperature readings while in transit – this information is accessible to you anytime in Datahub.
Handling Expertise
Whether in transit, upon receiving or departing our facility, temperature integrity is essential for our continued operations. Our warehouse personnel possesses the necessary knowledge to handle delicate cargo.
Our 3 LAX facilities provide a total of 54,000 ft2 of cold storage, with dual x-ray, metal detection, pre-cooling and full pharmaceutical handling capabilities.

Collectively, we possess nearly 100,000 ft2 of cold storage between our six facilities to ensure your temperature sensitive cargo is maintained at the correct temperatures while at our facility and beyond.
Our Facilities
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6 North American Facilities
Head to our facilities page to learn more about our warehouses.
Able Freight Facilities
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