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Protecting the integrity of the cold chain
At Able, the quality of the product, clients, and people always come first. The company prioritizes delivering the highest quality value to the services for the benefit of all partners and customers.
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What makes Able Freight different
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Commitment to Operational Excellence
Quality services and 24/7 special care are what make Able Freight successful for more than a quarter-century. 99% of our shipments are free of any claims.
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Our People
Clients and people always come first at Able Freight! We foster a workforce consisting of various backgrounds and ethnicities. Our operations staff is fluent in 20 languages and available 7 days a week.
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Global Network
Able Freight has an established global network of more than 75 cold chain partners and facilities known as “local heroes.”
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Technology and Innovation
Our technology department offers a comprehensive and leading portfolio of innovative technologies. Our technology department is quick, client-oriented, and flexible to adapt a tailor-made solution of our system portfolio to your needs as clients or partners.
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Our Facilities
Able Freight offers modern and fully certified cold storage and handling facilities at LAX, SFO, HNL, KOA, GDL, and MEX.
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Certified Services
We abide by strict regulatory procedures, whether it is FDA,USDA, TSA, FAA, CBP, FMI –to name a few. See our certification section below for further details.
The Importance of Cold Chain
Key requirements associated with executing cold chain logistics and distribution of high caliber:
Planning and risk mitigation
Selecting the correct cold chain strategy, given the unique composition of the product and its destination, is necessary for ensuring that the product does not become compromised.
At Able Freight, we take the time to work with clients to develop detailed plans and risk mitigation strategies to ensure that the product is not compromised as a result of mishandled shipments.
Effective packaging and shipping strategies
To ensure that a temperature sensitive product is delivered without any variations in its composition, we focus on identifying the correct size and type of package, temperature needs, the best route to the site and the most effective temperature-control mechanism.
At Able Freight, we use different prequalified containers that are not only reusable and environmentally friendly, but also capable of protecting and transporting valuable temperature-sensitive material with a full range of temperature requirements.
Monitoring system in place allows increased visibility and ensures that the products' integrity is maintained throughout.
At Able Freight, monitoring the high-value products at every step is of the utmost importance. We call it DataHub. Sensor/smart technologies, and recordable devices enable the monitoring and management of cold chain logistics.
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