Protecting the integrity of the cold chain

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  • 26 years of experience
  • Strong airline relationships
  • CCSF Facilities
  • Groundbreaking ramp technology
  • Strong training program
  • Scorecards


  • AiroCide
  • Kold Kart
  • DataHub
  • Freshport
  • Freshward


  • SQF 2000
  • GDP
  • CCOF
  • IATA / DG
  • FSIS


  • Australia
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • South East Asia
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • South America
  • North America

What we learned after more than a quarter century in business

We have been running several perishable freight forwarding facilities on the West Coast exporting 90,000,000+ kilos annually. It is an unforgiving industry with low tolerance of failure. We take our employee training & development seriously, without which we cannot run an efficient and error free operation. We strive for consistency and high expectations, because that is the cornerstone or our success.

Perishable Freight Forwarding

Capacities and rates alone are not enough. Smooth operations on the ground are as important for true cost optimization and real customer satisfaction.

The key is to focus on the total cost of operations, including waste, loss, efficiencies and client satisfaction.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

Able Freight's strategic involvement in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical cold chain is a rapidly growing industry. Its growth is parallel with the demand for temperature-controlled distribution of medicines from suppliers and distributors located in various global locations. This is because manufacturers of drugs and other temperature dependent medicines are looking to logistic experts within the cold-chain whom possess dedicated controlled room temperatures (CRT) when storing and transporting the pharmaceutical goods.

Able Freight’s impact in the pharmaceutical industry begins with our expertise in handling cargo that requires a constant, temperature controlled environment. Amongst pharmaceuticals, Able Freight utilizes both passive and active shipping solutions, such as Envirotainer, the active cold-chain world leader in perishable air freight solutions for pharmaceutical goods. Demand for transparency within the cold-chain process is as imperative in the pharmaceutical industry as it is crucial for the quality and reliability of the high-value, active ingredients in today’s drugs and medicines.

At Able Freight, we instinctively abide by global GDP (Good Distribution Practices) regulations before, during, and after every shipment process involved in the healthcare industry. This is not only necessary in the pharmaceutical industry, but rather due to the extensive procedures that are in place to ensure the temperature-controlled environment stays consistent, start to finish, to reduce loss from occurring.

These procedures are in place for reasons that could impact whether transporting medical cargo could end up saving a patient’s life, providing the goods needed for a smooth child-birth process, medicine vital for a patient’s daily routine, and everything in-between! Able Freight offers three separate temperature controlled environments for pharmaceutical products: · Chilled: +2°C / +8°C· Frozen: -18°C · CRT: +15°C / +25°C

Able Freight offers three separate temperature controlled environments for pharmaceutical products:

  • Chilled: +2°C / +8°C
  • Frozen: -18°C
  • CRT: +15°C / +25°C


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