Our T&I department is quick, client-oriented, and flexible to adapt a tailor-made solution to your needs and budget. We treat customizations of our platforms for clients as an integral part of our freight forwarding services.

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Digital solutions


True end-to-end visibility in real time

including warehousing, airfreight, ocean freight and temperature trackers (inbound and delivery trucks). DataHub, both web and mobile app, is at customers’ disposal and in use.

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The first-ever voice and bot personal assistant for cold chain logistics

Get answers to your most pressing questions by employing your very own virtual assistant empowered by cold chain specific intelligence

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Truck visibility and hand-overs

Cargo tracking technology, digital documentation, automated proximity-based check-in for drivers and real-time status updates

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Optimize internal logistics flow, warehouse functionality and more

Designed to foster organization-wide collaboration and transparency by fostering integrations and chat communication

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Permits trained specialists to analyze the quality of goods

Embodies written quality reports and high-resolution images of the cargo to assure safe handling and delivery

Operational technologies

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Kold Kart

"Keep it cold… Don’t break the cool chain."

Prevents perishable cargo shipments from heating up before and after flight thereby reducing the risk involved in shipping perishable cargo by air. When the Kold Kart is used, perishable cargo shipments will arrive at their destination with higher product quality and a longer shelf life.

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Commercial Grade Air Purifier Technology

AiroCide compliments quality assurance and food safety best-practices program while maximizing product shelf-life and assuring optimal product integrity. Additionally, AiroCide helps reduce food spoilage while also reducing the risk of product recalls.