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A Fresh Take on Building Bridges
Our spotlight for May is our country manager for Mexico, Vijay! Read how Vijay got his start in logistics and his leadership in Able Mexico.
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Vijay Nallamilli’s Story with Able Freight

At Able Freight, success is driven by innovation, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Vijay Nallamilli, the Country Manager for Able Freight's Mexico operations, embodies these qualities. He's not just a logistics leader; he's a visionary, a bridge builder, and a relentless problem solver. From hospitality to overseeing commercial and operational activities across Mexico City and Guadalajara, Vijay's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and strategic thinking.

Breaking Boundaries, Building Bridges

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where every second counts, Vijay Nallamilli is all about dedication, innovation, and relentles spursuit of excellence. He joined Able Freight in June 2015, embarking on a journey to redefine the company’s footprint in Mexico and beyond.

From Humble Beginnings to Leadership

Vijay’s story with Able Freight began as a Sales Manager forMexico. His mission was clear: develop the business in a new and challenging market. Nine years later, Vijay is now the Country Manager for Able Mexico, overseeing commercial and operational activities across the Mexico City and Guadalajara stations. His leadership and vision have turned early challenges into big wins.

Guadalajara: The Heartbeat of Operations

“Guadalajara is where it all began for us in Mexico,” Vijay says. Founded in 2008, the Guadalajara office is the hub of Able Freight’s Mexican operations. In 2016, the Mexico City office opened, but Vijay’s strategic base remains in Guadalajara as he prefers to be close to most of his clients. His commitment is unwavering, splitting his time between locations toensure seamless operations and exceptional customer service.

A Linguistic Asset

Vijay’s knack for languages is a game-changer. Fluent in Telugu, Hindi, English, and Spanish, he leverages his language skills to bridge cultural and commercial gaps. His proficiency in Hindi has been particularly valuable in expanding Able Freight’s reach into the Middle East, a region where business has flourished over the past six years. “Speaking Hindi has opened doors and strengthened relationships with key clients,” he shares.

From Hospitality to Logistics

Vijay’s journey into logistics is as unique as it is inspiring. With a background in tourism and hospitality and a Master’s Degreefrom France, he started in the hotel industry. A role with a company shippingheavy metals to Asia by ocean freight piqued his interest in logistics. Workingwith Cathay Pacific in Guadalajara solidified his expertise, leading him to Able Freight.

The WIT Philosophy

What sets Able Freight apart in the fiercely competitive logistics industry? Vijay attributes it to the WIT—Whatever ItTakes—philosophy. “We thrive on delivering unmatched customer service. Our team is available 24/7, always ready to go the extra mile,” he says.

Vijay remembers a time when a client needed an urgent shipment to meet a tight deadline. He and his team coordinated across timezones and delivered ahead of schedule. “The client was so grateful. Overcoming challenges to make clients happy is what drives me because I know my efforts can make a real difference.”

“Another time, my team and I worked tirelessly with customs and the client to resolve an unexpected issue. It was a true test of our dedication and teamwork.”

Learning from the competition rather than criticizing them, Vijay believes in continuous improvement and innovation to stay ahead.

A Visionary Leader

Vijay Nallamilli isn’t just a manager; he’s a visionary leader who embodies the spirit of Able Freight. His journey shows that withpassion, dedication, and the right mindset, you can break boundaries and forge new paths.

Vijay’s story is an inspiration to the entire team as Able Freight continues to grow and innovate. His relentless pursuit of excellenceand ability to turn challenges into opportunities make him a true asset to the company and the industry.

Unique Team Spirit

Vijay’s team stands out because of their diverse backgroundsand shared commitment to excellence. They support each other, creating a positive and productive environment.

Vijay Nallamilli’s story is a testament to the spirit of Able Freight. His dedication and hard work are at the heart of our success. He believes Able Freight’s success comes from their unwavering dedication to customer service, 24/7 availability, and a commitment to learning and improvement. They don’t just meet expectations; they exceed them.


Able Freight is a leading global logistics provider known for its exceptional service, with operations that span continents, and offer seamless transportation solutions by air, sea, and ground. Backed by Goldman Sachs, one of the world's top investment firms, you can be sure when you choose Able Freight, you're choosing a logistics partner with the resources and expertise to deliver your shipments safely and on time, wherever they need to go.


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