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Able Freight to join Air France KLM Martinair Cargo SAF Programme
We proudly use sustainable aviation fuel on a selection of available flight paths.
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Able Freight is proud to announce that it has joined the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP) Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme. As of June 2021, Able Freight has started using sustainable aviation fuel on a selection of available flight paths.

SAF is a jet fuel made from renewable sources such as cooking oil and a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel that reduces carbon emissions by a minimum of 75%. Blended with conventional fossil fuel all aircraft engine types can use it.

Able Freight CEO Orlando Wong says: “We are committed to becoming more carbon-efficient as a company and industry. By utilizing SAF, our company will lower its carbon emissions for the selected lanes by up to 52%”.

The SAF programme utilizes low-carbon airfreight lanes in between North America and Europe. In a first for the industry, AFKLMP partners can choose to operate flights with a percentage of sustainable fuel, at a level of their choosing. Joost van Imhoff Commercial Director for AFKLMP the Americas says: “We are extremely pleased in welcoming Able Freight to our Programme. On top of reducing their CO2 emissions, the participation of Able Freight helps in building a more sustainable airfreight industry as a whole. Through these kinds of concrete commitments, we can lead the industry towards a more sustainable future, together”.

In joining the programme, 100% of the investment made by AFKLMP partners is used in sourcing SAF. Participants receive an annual audited sustainability report, explaining the level of carbon reduction as the result of their expenditure.

“Able Freight is invested in a sustainable future for the cold chain. We are excited to partner with AFKLMP and look forward to investing in air freight’s cleaner future and meaningful technologies”, adds Dr. Michael Kronenberg, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Able Freight.

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