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Choosing the Right Perishable Logistics Company for Shipping Flowers
Valentine's Day season is one of the busiest flower seasons out there. We're here to help ease the load with a few tips on flower export!
Flowers inside a warehouse

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow; if you check your local flower shop or grocery store, you’ll see that only a handful of flowers remain or people are lining up to get the freshest of the bunch. Whether you are getting chocolates and flowers, cards and flowers, or teddy bears and flowers for your loved ones, it’s undeniable that flowers are one of the staple gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers grow from different parts of the world and get shipped to flower shops and grocery stores in their freshest state. But have you wondered how flowers stay fresh from travel to the US from exporting countries like Netherlands or Colombia? Just like choosing the right combination to go with flowers, it’s essential to partner your flowers with the right perishable logistic company to take care of the shipment process.

Checklist in finding the right freight forwarder for your flowers

Expertise in handling perishable goods

Ensure the logistics company has experience handling and transporting flowers and a deep understanding of this type of cargo’s specific needs and requirements.

Temperature-controlled environment

Ensure the logistics company has the infrastructure to maintain a controlled temperature environment throughout the entire supply chain, including during transportation and storage.

Flowers for export at Able Freight temperature-controlled warehouse

Timely delivery

Choose a logistics company with a proven track record of delivering perishable goods on time and the ability to handle unexpected challenges that may arise during transit.

Network of international partners

Look for a logistics company that has a strong network of international partners, including airlines, freight forwarders, and customs brokers, to ensure a seamless and efficient export process.

With Able Freight, you can be sure that we have multiple partners, or what we call our “local heroes,” situated in different parts of the globe, so you can be sure that your shipment is in great hands.

Tracing and monitoring

Choose a logistics company that provides real-time tracking and monitoring of your shipment, giving you visibility into the status of your flowers at all times.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Look for a logistics company that is flexible and responsive to your needs, can adapt to changing requirements, and can provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

Reaching out to the right logistics partner

Perishable freight forwarding companies like Able Freight can make your shipping request stress free. With a team that’s always there to answer your questions 24/7, provides competitive pricing, and a worry-free shipping process, you can just sit back and watch your flowers bloom! Working with the right freight forwarder shouldn’t be as hard as lining up at the store on Valentine’s Day to pick up your flowers; instead, transactions should be smooth, quick, and with excellent transparency.

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