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Visibility. We Got It.
It’s 2021, and visibility in shipping is more important than ever.
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After a year of lockdowns, consumers have adapted to making a few more (ok, a lot more) purchases online. They’ve also grown accustomed to seeing where those packages are at all times in the delivery process. You know how everyone talks about the ‘new normal’? Well, for shippers, accommodating the desire for shipment visibility is the new normal. Welcome to the future.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that customers want status updates. Amazon made fast, visible shipping the norm. And the shipping disruptions resulting from Covid only accelerated consumer preferences for transparency. But as a shipper, you can benefit from them as well. No matter how much you may like surprises in your personal life, you probably don’t want to deal with too many of them professionally.

Technology has given us the capability to ship items that we would not have thought possible 100 years ago. It was high time that someone built a visibility tool to keep up with it.

Enter DataHub, Able Freight’s platform for all things visibility-related. Want to see where your medicinals are on their route? Curious whether the produce you shipped made it to the warehouse? Need to check a form, quality photos, or temperature readings? Real-time flight statuses? We’ve got you covered.

DataHub keeps all of this information in one place. It’s a multimodal, real-time cargo tracking, communication and visibility platform, and customer portal. Using this technology, shippers can track shipments directly from a desktop or handheld device. Managers can access inventory reports, air waybills, bill of lading, and even pictures at any time. Or they can set up email and text notifications and let updates come to them.

Dr. Michael Kronenberg, CSO and CTO of Able Freight, explains: “In short, DataHub is a one-stop-shop for all things shipping-related when you do business with Able Freight. A strategic tool that demonstrates our company’s vision to be a leader in technology-driven logistics services in the cold chain industry.”

“DataHub is a centralized place where you can see all your information and documents, instead of trying to chase it down from different sources. We keep it all in one place, available for you 24/7,” says Oscar Cruz, project manager at Able Freight. “Shipment visibility is so important,” adds Min Park, Able Freight’s business intelligence analyst. “When you ship via air freight, there is this high-speed environment with a ton of paperwork involved. The more we can automate and integrate data flows, the more e verybody benefits, from the shipper to the consignee and our vendors.”

With everybody giving consumers the status update red carpet treatment, we thought that shippers and consignees deserved the same.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to explain a lot more of DataHub's features and capabilities. Get ready to learn what’s possible for temperature tracking, incident reporting, automated reports, APIs and so much more.

- Your DataHub team

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