We were looking forward to seeing the many faces of people traveling from locations all over the world, to attend trade shows which have recently been cancelled. COVID-19 has left us all to face unforeseen circumstances which have disrupted the world, and our daily habits. As a result, this pandemic has required everyone to adjust to a virtual-centric day-to-day, whether it was work, school, events,  everything under the sun. 

We want everyone to know that companies and organizations throughout the world are working endlessly to cope with this disruption, and persevere to come out on the other side of this tunnel stronger, and more connected than ever before!  Whether it is PMA Virtual Town Halls, or the current United Fresh LIVE!, adapting and developing new strategies to keep those missions alive, is of upmost importance. 

Now more than ever before, creativity and spirituality must remain at the foundation of your mission, whatever that may be.  With that said,  we are proud to introduce our first video of our mini-series, capturing all angles of our company,  with our employees front and center, all working with smiles behind their masks.  

Learn more about CSK9 Alliance:  https://cargoscreeningk9.com/able-freight-partners-with-cargo-screening-k9-alliance/