A Message from Able Freight 

We would like to wish everyone prosperity and health given the severity of the global impact COVID-19 has amassed.  As recommended by the CDC, safety and sanitary procedures will be initiated to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees who may have been exposed.  We are all experiencing the impact of the virus in various forms, whether it is the disruption the public health, global economy and well-being of all global citizens’ daily activities.  We are witnessing different actions taken to minimize the speed of the impact of COVID-19 throughout the world.   As a society, we must maintain unity and continue to support one another given the current situation.  It's hard not to go anywhere, or do anything without hearing about the impact of COVID-19.  This too, shall pass and we as a human race, together, can overcome.  


Our Plan Ahead

We will maintain in operation while adhering to the strictest sanitation guidelines.  The air freight industry is one of the most impacted industries, as we are witnessing and experiencing supply and demand issues continuing to grow.  We can learn from this pandemic by acting now.  We are treating the coronavirus as an opportunity to re-position our company structure to ensure continuity to best support all of our business partners impacted by this disease. The well-being of our employees and customers are our top priority, as you all are the foundation of Able Freight.  We wish for all to remain healthy and pray for the virus to dissipate and disappear as fast as it came!