In order to cater to your specific perishable logistic needs, Datahub works towards giving you full temperature visibility throughout your shipments. 

           One of the most vital aspects to ensure the quality of your product is the maintenance of temperature. That is why DataHub works towards giving you full transparency for temperature visibility.

          We want to cater to your specific perishable logistic needs. That is why DataHub offers both active and passive visibility for whatever best fulfills your specific requirements. You can visit the dashboard and easily click to see the average temperature in-transit of your shipment. Also readily available is an in-depth view with geographical imagery aligned with temperature reports. This also includes a temperature breakdown table to illustrate all records of temperature with time and location so that you are fully aware as to what temperature your shipment has been transported at.

          Setting maximum and minimum temperatures for your shipments can also allow you to proactively receive red flags and alerts when the maximum or minimum has been reached.

          You can export all of this information into PDF format and get it real-time, quick, at your-convenience. Whenever and wherever you need it, access it on your mobile device or on the web and all of your information will be there.

          So what is ahead for DataHub? Shelf-life analysis. We want to provide insight based on the transit temperature, allowing consignee knowledge and notice in advance, enabling better decision making upon arrival.