Welcome to Able Freight’s very first blog. As we are transiting into the New Year and into a new decade, this is a perfect opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and acknowledgment to all of you.  To our dearest customers, agents, business partners, vendors, friends, family, and colleagues, thank you for enabling Able Freight this moment to reflect on 26 years of “Transporting Freshness” by air, creating countless memories and relationships in the process.  As a token of appreciation, we see this blog as an opportunity to provide you updates and insights on our initiatives.  

Able Freight recently hosted the Cool Chain Association, the Luxemburg based non-profit association, “CCA America’s Event 2019”, in Los Angeles, CA.  A few years ago, we joined the CCA because they share core values that align with ours, and given that it was hosted in our home turf of L.A., it was our priority to play a key role in the occasion.  The CCA acts as the neutral platform for all parties involved, to collaborate in combating issues amongst the industry.   Delegates who attended did more than enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and palm trees.  The gathering comprised of representatives from various company backgrounds, such as growers, forwarders, airlines from Europe, Asia & Middle East, airports, airplane manufacturer, IT solutions, insulation providers, and other actors involved. The volume of involvement from various parties creates an industry that is very fragmented with major visibility gaps throughout the supply chain. 

Attendees strive for achieving solutions to combat visibility gaps and minimizing the global carbon footprint as an industry.  By embracing innovation and creative opportunities, we strive to achieve the implementation of sustainable alternatives to leave a legacy of the transformation of how perishables are handled.  The quicker we act on existing issues, the greater it will benefit today’s society, and more importantly, the future generations to come. These goals will not be achieved via companies acting as individuals.  It will require us (the airfreight industry) to shift our focus on combating global food waste, packaging waste, eliminating reliance on plastics and increasing data transparency within the temperature-sensitive supply-chain operation. 

At Able Freight, we are gearing towards sustainable practices by implementing reusable and recyclable alternatives involved in packaging.  During the event, we hosted a demonstration of the quicker efficient cargo screening program, CCSF-K9.  We also strive to increase awareness of the innovative solution, Kold Kart, who also demonstrated their refrigerated dollies available on the tarmac, which utilize controlled temperature for commodities.  Concluding the event, attendees from all over the world returned home with vital information to assist their company’s efforts in contributing to the success of combating these issues. 

We look forward to continuing this direction and encourage more companies to join our efforts of implementing sustainable alternatives, to become the industry norm handling perishables!    Through collaboration, the potential for improvement in the cold chain process is untapped!  To achieve solutions amongst underlying issues that have been occurring year after year, it would be a ground-breaking achievement. 

Let us know what you think of our mission!  For any feedback, contact us at sales@ablefreight.com


CSK9 Demo


CCA Group after Kold Kart Demo