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A fresh take on Building Connections
Eileen Kapu Kiyuna champions connection at Able Freight, fostering teamwork, trust, and customer focus to drive logistics success.
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At Able Freight, success lies in the connections we build—with customers, with each other, and with the communities we serve. Eileen Kapu Kiyuna, the General Manager of Able Freight's Honolulu office, embodies that spirit of connection. She's not just a logistics leader; she's a bridge builder, a problem solver, and a believer in the power of relationships.

From Fresh Fish to Logistics

Kapu's story with Able Freight began 12 years ago when she was managing freight for a fresh fish import-export company. It was hard work—booking shipments, overseeing logistics, and running a CCSF screening facility. Everything changed when an old friend, Brendan Akamu, reached out. He knew Kapu was up for a challenge and introduced her to the owners of Able Freight.

She became an authorized agent for Able Freight, screening cargo and managing the handling in Hawaii. Initially focusing on export shipments, she soon realized she could support local business by expanding to import, like the fresh fish markets at dawn. As business grew, Kapu recognized that her small team couldn't keep up. She talked to Brendan, expecting him to find another agent, but instead, he made her an offer she couldn't refuse: to join Able Freight and open their Hawaii branch. She accepted, and the journey continued, with the 1st export being fresh herbs and live tropical fish for Able Freight Hawaii.

The Power of Relationships and Trust

What sets Able Freight apart? According to Kapu, it's all about relationships. "Our family orientation extends to the customer," she says. Being upfront and honest goes a long way in a place like Hawaii, where word travels fast. Kapu knows that you have to build trust with customers by being transparent and keeping your promises. Even competition is friendly because "you never know when you might need to work with that business or competitor."

Kapu's team is like a family. Everyone is cross-trained, and Kapu makes sure to work alongside them, whether it's screening or loading shipments. "To support our customers, we have to support ourselves," she says. This approach has helped Able Freight establish a solid reputation in Hawaii, where competition is intense, and relationships are vital.

Going Above and Beyond for Customers

When it comes to customer service, Kapu and her team are always ready to go the extra mile. One story that stands out is when they handled a shipment for Miss Hawaii, Allison Chu, who was representing Hawaii in the Miss USA pageant. The challenge? An elaborate gown with a massive coral back piece. Kapu's team had to package it carefully to ensure it arrived undamaged and in one piece. Thanks to their meticulous work, the shipment arrived safely, and Miss Hawaii even gave Able Freight a shout-out on Instagram for their exceptional service.

A Unique and Diverse Team

Able Freight's Honolulu office is a mix of cultures and languages, reflecting the diversity of Hawaii itself. The team primarily consists of Filipino, Hawaiian, and Polynesian employees, many of whom speak Ilocano and Tagalog. Kapu believes that using local slang and understanding the island's culture helps build trust with customers. She says, "If can can, if no can, no can." It means they'll do their best, and if they can't ship today, they'll work with the customer to find a solution.

Dedication, Teamwork, and Perseverance

Kapu's journey with Able Freight is a story of dedication, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to any challenge. Her leadership and her team's commitment to excellence have made Able Freight a trusted name in the logistics industry. It's not just about moving goods; it's about building connections and creating lasting relationships.

As Kapu and her team continue to navigate the ever-changing logistics landscape, their story serves as a reminder that success comes from hard work, a focus on people, and a commitment to going the extra mile. It's a story that highlights the importance of connection and the power of teamwork.


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Instagram image posted with permission from Allison Chu who was crowned Miss Hawaii USA 2022 and represented Hawaii at Miss USA 2022 in Reno Nevada.

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