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Able Freight Plans for the New Year
At Able Freight have always been optimistic about the new year ahead; that’s why we’re excited to show you what we have planned for 2022!
2022 logistics vehicles

Happy 2022, everyone! It’s that time again—time for new year’s resolutions, that is.

We’re pretty excited for 2022. And we want to show you what we look forward to this year! But even more importantly, we’ve got plans to improve our freight operations. 2021 was a pretty crazy year. You don’t need another story about containers piling up in Los Angeles and Long Beach or about the labor shortage in the supply chain. And those problems won’t be ironed out overnight.

Instead of sitting around and waiting for those issues to resolve, we’re finding ways to keep freight moving despite it. And for us, it comes down to tech advancement, connectedness, visibility, and environmental awareness. We hope to supercharge those efforts this coming year.

Here’s what we plan to get up to this coming year:

1) Grow our technology offerings -2021 was a huge year for digital disruption in the supply chain, and it’s no wonder why that happened. Two years after COVID made its way worldwide, the supply chain is still working to overcome shortages, restock inventory, and get orders delivered on time again. And we, as an industry, responded with innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At Able Freight, we’re bullish on tech anyway, and we’re excited to tailor our offerings to our customer’s needs even further.

2) Leave plastics behind - The environmental brunt of logistics is under a microscope and with good reason. According to some estimates, supply chains are responsible for 90% of a company’s environmental impact! We want to do our part to fix the problem. So we’ve committed to scrapping plastic by 2023, in accordance with the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals. That means there’s one year to go. We can’t wait to update you on our progress.

3) Upgrade our visibility - If there’s one thing that 2021 taught us, it’s that shippers and customers alike need to be able to know where their freight is at all times. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what you’re shipping, or what language you speak. So we acted on that by upgrading our in-house visibility tool, DataHub, and upgrading A-Works.

4) Reduce our carbon emissions - Incase you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty serious about reducing our carbon footprint. In 2021, we joined KLM MartinAir to begin using sustainable aviation fuel. 2022 will mark the first full year that we utilize sustainable fuel, and in doing so, we expect to reduce our carbon emissions in those lanes by 52%.

5) Prioritize our people - And by ‘our people,’ we mean everyone: our employees, customers, and community. As COVID torpedoed through our community, we committed to helping those around us. We donated 2,000 pounds of food to our local community and participated in fundraisers to combat homelessness in our community. This year, we plan to continue those efforts.

Able Freight’s CEO, Orlando Wong, views this year as a promising one and one as a company, we’re ready to face, “Despite numerous internal & external restraints, you have delivered exponential growth that is unprecedented! COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lesson about disruption. A lesson to learn is that we must have a solid foundation and good processes in place in order to accommodate such a predicament in the supply chain."

"COVID-19 will not be the last of the disruption, may other external disruptions (weather, floods, fuel shortages, etc.), emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, on-demand delivery, etc.), unpredictable demand, climate change, and last but not least, talent shortage. In normal times, we were comfortable with our lean, efficient models that assumed perfect stability. Let’s not wait for the future. Equip ourselves with the knowledge, risk mitigation tactic, processes that make sense to steer our company toward greater success.” adds Wong.

The tides are changing in our community and the world. We can’t wait to lead the way during this time. By the time the next new year rolls around, you’ll be looking at a cleaner, more connected Able Freight. And by then, we’ll be chomping at the bit for the next challenge!

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